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SaaS FAQ's

  • 1. How do I get started with SaaS-Tenant?

  • After installing SaaS-Tenant, it can be accessed as a package from the established templates. You can then run the DB scripts given along with the product. When a new project is created using the SaaS-Tenant framework, the initial MVC layers of your product is created on top of the SaaS-Tenant stack. Some basic features that are already employed and ready to use are logging, caching, user authentication mechanisms and membership management. You can now attach your business modules as it is very easy to insert the new modules, classes and pages to the module.

    2. How will I benefit by designing applications in SaaS-Tenant?

    With the help of our Multi Tenant reusable “SaaS-Tenant” framework, you can design & deliver your applications in 40-50% less development time and cost. You only need to configure to activate or customize the functionalities, it does not require Coding. We offer ready HTML Templates, Integration Capabilities, Hardware, Enterprise grade Security, OS, Middle Ware, Forms and Database. You can export your database into your private server and also extract the application design in XML at anytime by using our SaaS-Tenant framework. It does not need any Up-Front Capital Expenses and reduces operational and custom development cost.

    3. Can I Customize SaaS Software?

    These days, it’s becoming very common to customize your SaaS platforms. Customer can change the look and feel of the program by customizing the UI, as well as modifying particular areas to alter what data appears. A number of features can be turned on and off, according to the customer. As the SaaS market matures, software vendors will invest more in development to offer more customization and flexibility that companies are habituated to with on-premise software.

    4. Who is the owner of my Data?

    A lot of buyers fear that SaaS vendors "own" their data. In terms of data ownership, buyers should make sure there’s a clause in their SLA (Service Level Agreement) that states clearly that they own the data. Most of the SaaS contracts have built in and prepaid contingencies that provide access to your data if the vendor goes out of business and certifies that you own that data.
    Moreover, we allow you to export your data and back it up locally any time you want. It’s very unlikely for any vendor to claim that they keep hold of your data.

    5. What type of applications can be built on SaaS-Tenant?

    SaaS-Tenant is a perfect SaaS platform for applications that require you to manage data, transactions, workflow or processes for instance, database applications, line-of-business (LOB) applications, productivity-transactional solutions and web widgets such as online forms. You can also build visually attractive charts/reports for obtaining complex analysis.

    6. Should I know any particular programming language in order to build SaaS applications using SaaS-Tenant?

    No. A developer having basic knowledge of .NET 4.0 MVC, JQuery and SQL Server 2008 can extend the functionalities offered. SaaS-Tenant .Net version allows you to use Microsoft .NET languages to write the code and provides a simple yet powerful API layer that lets the application interact with SaaS-Tenant.

    7. How secure is SaaS-Tenant?

    Our SaaS platform “SaaS-Tenant” offers security at page level, menu level, data level and BL method level. All this is controlled by the login user, permission and the role set for the user. SaaS-Tenant offers field level security as well.

    8. How will Leo TechnoSoft’s SaaS platform benefit the ISVs, start-ups, entrepreneurs and Enterprises?

    All the custom automation needs for small & medium businesses, limitations of spreadsheets, paper records & disconnected solutions can be tackled by SaaS-Tenant. It also provides sophisticated technology for SaaS start-ups & ISVs to design and deliver complex Applications.

    9. Does Leo TechnoSoft host SaaS applications?

    Yes. Leo TechnoSoft can host SaaS Applications on Amazon.

    10. Who benefits from SaaS-Tenant?

    SaaS-Tenant is a perfect SaaS platform for those who have to deal with large amounts of data and build customized business applications.
    You don't have to buy license software, hardware or carry out long software development efforts to start off.

    11. Are the demos of these applications available?

    Yes. For detailed information and to request a demo just contact us