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Building a Multi Tenant SaaS App? "SaaS-Tenant" Can Save You Significant Time and Money

Switching to software as a service (SaaS) model is an exceedingly complex, pricey and time intensive process. Prominent SaaS organizations worldwide have taken tremendous pains in investing years and millions of dollars in setting up robust SaaS platforms from the scratch. Operating as a SaaS provider implies that you are moving from a packaged software model, a "product organization" to a "service organization" with hassle free management. Right from competence and scalability to basic workflows like billing and customer provisioning have to be altered or else executed for the initial stage. This task is extremely intricate and complex requiring you to cross numerous competencies.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take the amount of risk and investment that currently SaaS success stories took for constructing the SaaS model from the very nip. Leo TechnoSoft’s SaaS-Tenant™ framework instilled with ISV and Start Up’s specific capabilities and tailored SaaS functionality modifies our offering to tackle challenges linked with the SaaS model. Our agile SaaS-Tenant is a technology exclusively designed by our expert SaaS architecture team. Leo TechnoSoft’s apt software delivery fabric makes building SaaS applications effortless by chipping in your skills and IP in Microsoft's .NET platform.

SaaS Platform Architecture

SaaS-Tenant™ can collaborate with numerous Windows Servers, SQL Servers, and IIS instances into a single SaaS platform, including .NET web and SOA applications. SaaS-Tenant users will be bestowed with the Standard SaaS Architecture Functionalities like Multi Tenancy, Scale-out, Release management, Billing management, User management, Role management, Exception Handling, Event Notification, Work flow management and high availability out of the box. Also, your applications are flawlessly incorporated into ISV specific features that ensure trouble-free alteration to an on-demand model.

Our ISV solution offers:

  • Single Instance Multi Tenant- Single installation, multiple portals with own data storage; SaaS-Tenant™ supports multiple portals or web sites using a single or individual portal database. SaaS-Tenant™ installed on a web server can support multiple web sites through a single hosting account, ideal for providing sub-hosting services to memberships or for organizations providing departmental web applications.
  • Billing & Usage Metering -Similar to signing on new customers, keeping a record of your app & app functionality is equally critical in order to charge correctly. When the amount is decided upon, you need to collect their money (either by credit card, bank account transfer, or traditional check). The mechanisms and workflows essential to coordinate this are enormous. SaaS-Tenant™ enables APIs and portals to repeatedly link your application into usage metering services that are coupled to billing capabilities. Once you have SaaS-Tenant™, all your worries about building out any billing or usage metering capabilities is bound to vanish.
  • Role Management and Access Control Framework - Administrators can define and assign roles and permission for different user groups such as registered users, admin, subscribers, content providers, affiliates, and media. They can then grant access and editing rights for each group. Rights can be assigned to an entire site, a single page, or even to an individual module on a specific page. Individual users may belong to more than one group. Administrators can also establish separate password-protected areas on their web site to control access.
  • GUI Application Configuration and Product Management Control -The framework provides an interface to manage GUI Configuration and to control your product instance. It has been architected with a modular approach where a user can add or update modules on fly. It helps inbuilt management control components helping system integrators and system administrators to monitor, manage and maintain their SaaS application in minutes not in hours.
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