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Transition of Complex ERP into SaaS environment for Powder Coating vendors

Leo TechnoSoft’s prime challenge here was to come up with the required SaaS software within shortest span of time with true Multi – Tenant system to compete in the market for its Client. With its Multi – Tenant Framework, “SaaS-Tenant”, we provided end to end re-engineering service to the Client which makes system transition simple.

Developed SaaS based ‘Event Evaluator’ to get complex BI reports and measurement system

Leo TechnoSoft designed a SaaS-based system called ‘Event Evaluator’ with its team of SaaS experts to offer our client a simple User Interface that will allow them to organize their events and exhibition. With numerous challenge in hand like integrating with kiosk machine, BI reports in fly, huge number of records and massive database our experts had to confront a rather difficult quest.

Next generation Cloud based File sharing platform - “My-File”

Leo Technosoft developed “My-File” , a Cloud based File sharing and File synchronization system that allows you to get all your documents, photos and videos wherever required. Using our 'SaaS- Tenant' Framework, our SaaS experts enabled our client to experience a high speed transition from a single-tenant software application into a multi-tenant SaaS solution using cloud storage.

Developed a Channel Partner Certification Management system, “Channeleaze”, in Multi –Tenant Framework, “SaaS-Tenant™”

Leo TechnoSoft with their expertise in SaaS based system, catered to the client’s specific requirements and developed a Channel Partner Certification Management system, “Channeleaze”, in their Multi –Tenant Framework, “SaaS-Tenant™” in a very short span of time.

Developed Multi – Tenant Framework SaaS-Tenant™ for the world’s leading consultancy in New Product Development

Leo TechnoSoft Developed the application effortlessly in the Multi – Tenant Framework SaaS-Tenant™ for the world’s leading consultancy in New Product Development and Innovation Management productivity

Practise Management System for Dental Industry

Leo Technosoft team came up with a SaaS based practise management system that would integrate a total dental management system supporting operations through iPad and making it portable altogether. The mammoth task of supporting this task through the iPad too was very well executed through the use of lead tools for imaging and E charting.