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Easy tenant management environment to manage, monitor and bill your SaaS customers

SaaS-Tenant : Transit & Develop Multi Tenant SaaS system effortlessly

SaaS Tenant takes out the arduous task of building robust, scalable cloud solution and lets you focus on your business logic. After all, it is your business and success that is our main concern. Our Multi-Tenant framework is the building block which gives you secure control over your cloud solution along with complete privacy and ownership of your data. Together with our feature rich modules, SaaS Tenant gives you unparalleled capabilities in building, managing, monitoring and administering your cloud solution.

SaaS Tenant reduces development time, thus saving development costs. More importantly, this hastens Time To Market, which brings overall revenue objectives into sight much sooner.

SaaS-Tenant can be deployed on public or private infrastructure, providing freedom from lock-in and tremendous increases in developer productivity, infrastructure utilization, and app management agility. Developers can easily use and extend the framework without having to reinvent the wheel. They can instead focus only on building the business related functionalities.